Abby’s Story

31 October 2017

21 year-old Abby* came to the No Limits Advice Centre very upset and in need of urgent help. She had recently moved out of her parents’ house and was struggling to pay the rent whilst trying to provide for her 2 children.

With another baby on the way, Abby was finding it difficult to keep up with the pressures of her part-time job, which were having an impact on her mental health. Her ex-partner was in debt and had refused to support their children, leaving Abby in great financial difficulty. Abby told us that she felt too overwhelmed to even begin the process of claiming benefits, and that she had been in hospital due to a lack of eating, leaving her baby undernourished.

When Abby visited the No Limits Advice Centre we supported her with her benefits application to ensure that she could provide food for herself and her children. We spoke to Abby’s midwife about her mental and physical health, and worked with her to explore her support network at home and at work. We were also able to offer Abby support around how to maintain her tenancy through our Community Support service, providing her with additional advice around income, benefits, bills, debts and budgeting.

Since receiving support from No Limits Abby has been able to pay off her debts and provide for her family. Abby was able to find her son a playschool, and is receiving support with her mental health from a mental health worker.

*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.