A Day in the Life of Vicki Seekings

16 June 2015

Vicki Seekings is one of our indispensable workers at No Limits. Here is her explanation of what she does at the heart of our organisation, why her role is important and why she loves her job.

“I am part of the Early Intervention Team at No Limits. My role consists of Health and well-being drop-ins at four different schools and the Buzz work covering alcohol and drugs to year 10’s throughout the schools in the city. The aim of my role is to bring the drop-ins covered in centres to schools to reach those young people that otherwise may not engage. I theme the weeks to help bring important topics into their awareness, enabling healthy conversations around the specific subject and capture people that may have personal concerns with these issues. The Buzz work is covering information around different drugs, what the effects are, the law, what the risks are and the long and short term affects. I aim to provide a non-judgemental workshop feel where they feel safe to discuss and explore drugs openly. There is lots of information given to the young people so they can make better informed decisions and know where and how to turn to support if they should need it.

I thoroughly enjoy my role and feel very lucky to be someone that wants to go to work and feels proud of what they do and the organisation that I work for. I particularly enjoy the variety that my role brings. I often have different schools or Buzz sessions in one day meaning my position is very diverse. I also enjoy the fact that I capture young people that may otherwise have their issues missed, so I feel it plays a very important role in the organisation. I get to meet a wide range of young people with a vast array of problems and concerns so again this is a vital role and encourages learning and growth in myself as to how I can be better equipped to support them”.